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Zelda Wii U Screenshots


"What are you gonna do, lady? Shoot me?"

Just a friendly reminder why Sharon Raydor is cool.


"The recoil on these beanbag guns is awful."

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Spent the evening designing this for a bit of fun based roughly on another design I saw once. The Able Sisters from Animal Crossing, spot the floating present!


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"What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP."

"They can keep their heaven. When I die, I’d sooner go to Middle-Earth." ― George R.R. Martin

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I don’t even have a doll and I’m already trying to stay far away from this toxic community.


I’ve been in this hobby since 2006 and have had better luck on Den of Angels, Flickr, Dairyland, and so on.  Only on tumblr have I ever seen the toxic community that you speak of.  So if you’re just looking at tumblr for the BJD community, I highly recommend looking elsewhere.

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